"Trash To Treasure" County-Wide Yard Sale

"Trash To Treasure" County-Wide Yard Sale
. Please Note --> This is a Past Event!! .

Date: 9/21/2013
Time: 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM

Hot Springs Memorial Field (Airport Rd.)
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Not Available

Event Description:

“Trash to Treasure”
County-Wide Yard Sale
Organized by Friends of the Garland County Courthouse
Saturday, September 21, 2013 (rain or shine – no refunds)
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Hot Springs Municipal Airport
Vendor booths are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
Name __________________________________________ Phone ____________________
Address __________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________  State ________ Zip __________
E-mail address _____________________________________________________________
We will mail/email your space assignment approximately 2 weeks after receiving your completed agreement and fee.  We will send any necessary reminders and updates via email periodically until the event. 

_____ yard sale spaces ($ 35.00 per space)
TOTAL PAYMENT:  $ ________________
Payment:  Please do not send cash.  Payment must be made in full with contract.
Check enclosed for $ __________  Check number ______ Please make checks payable to: 
             Friends of the Garland County Courthouse
Mail the completed form with check to: 

Friends of the Garland County Courthouse,
PO Box 368
Pearcy, AR.  71964

By registering for this yard sale, you agree to all of the rules and regulations on the 2nd page of this document.

Signature __________________________________________  Date ____________________

For Office use only
Date received _______________   Space number(s) ___________________________________


Yard Sale Rules and Regulations
This agreement is between the Friends of the Garland County Courthouse and the vendor.  Vendor agrees to pay for use of space at one-day event.  Payment of rental fee denotes agreement to following rules. 
_____ Assignment of Space
Event management will make space assignments in the best interest of the event.  Individual vendor space will not be assigned until full payment has been received.  Spaces may be re-located at the discretion of the yard sale management as necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of the event.  All decisions by yard sale management are final.
_____ Payment, refunds and fulfillment of contract
Payments for space(s) are non-refundable.  Payment by vendor denotes acceptance of agreement terms.  Space rental fee will cover advertising, signage and other costs associated with the yard sale.  A portable toilet will be provided.  Food/drink will be available for purchase.  All money from the sale of vendor items will be kept by the vendor. Friends of the Courthouse will make money from the space rental fees.   ALL VENDORS SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN MONEY FOR MAKING CHANGE.
_____ Unloading and Breakdown/clean up
If vendors choose to do so, they may set up Friday, 9/20/13 after 5:00 p.m. (no formal Security will be available) or unloading on Saturday morning begins at 6:00 a.m.  Vendors may bring in a vehicle to unload and then park in parking areas outside of the yard sale area.  All vehicles not being used for display of items must be out of the event area by 7:30 a.m.  If you choose to display items from your vehicle then all parts of the vehicle must be confined to the assigned 20 X 20 ft. space.  Vendors should supply their own tables, display materials/equipment and chairs.  If vendors wish to breakdown before 2:00 p.m. then unsold items should be carried to the vehicles.  Parked vehicles will be allowed back into the event space for breakdown at 2:00 p.m.  Vendors must remove all trash and unsold items from event.  Spaces must be left in the condition as was found at the beginning of the event
_____ Termination of Contract
Yard sale management reserves the right to cancel this agreement without further obligation to the vendor.  Said cancellation may be for any cause or for no cause.  In the event any unlikely cancellation is necessary, then yard sale management will return such portion of the amount paid for space(s) as may be determined equitable by yard sale management after deductions of necessary expenses that were incurred related to advertising, event expenses and any expenses related to termination.
_____ Not to be sold by vendor:  Firearms, weapons, provocative or sexually oriented materials, alcohol, tobacco/drug paraphernalia, or any other goods that the yard sale management deems inappropriate for sale.  Yard sale management retains the right to approval of all items for sale. 

_____ Liability
 Vendor is held responsible to insure his own exhibit, personnel, display and materials from any damages or loss through theft, fire, accident, weather or other causes.  NO SECURITY WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE EVENT MANAGEMENT.   It is expressly understood and agreed by the vendor that he/she will make no claim of any kind against the Friends of the Courthouse for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of goods or exhibit, nor any injury that may occur to him/her self or his/her booth staff.  All vendors must sign in upon arrival.  The vendor shall be solely responsible to his/her own agents and booth staff, and to all third persons, including invitees and the public for all claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages, and expenses arising out of or otherwise relating thereto.  Vendor does hereby indemnify and hold harmless yard sale management and Friends of the Courthouse against any and all such claims as may be asserted or brought forward.  Any designated business vendors agree to submit any and all required sales tax payments to appropriate agencies.  Event management is not responsible for any parking tickets or citations.  Please be sure you are legally parked at all times.  Vehicles not being used for display of goods must be legally parked in designated parking areas.


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